Glass Blunt – How it Works

BGB Anatomy card 2014 by Little Lotte`

Print and Share! This one goes out to all my fellow visual learners 🙂

 “Anatomy of a Glass Blunt” sketch by Little Lotte`  updated 1-30-14!

Happy Hollow Glass Studio - Christmas 2013 (12)

Please  Ask the Artist if you are looking for custom sized parts for glass you may already own!

Surreal Glass Blunt with parts kit (11)[hr]


Tired of taking the WHOLE pouch with you?

These tiny travelers make smoking on the go OH SO SIMPO~

Happy Hollow Glass Blunts - 2014 (1)**TIPS**

~ Use the radiant heat (not the actual flame) from the tip of a lighter to slightly tighten heat wraps if it seems loose over time.

~Visit “That’s a Wrap” for direction on  changing and customizing your glass blunt with parts kits.

~ For more compact storage and travel – remove mouthpiece and store side by side when full –

~ Mouthpiece also makes a great “plunger” to assist in filling 🙂

Have you discovered any snazzy tips to share about your Happy Hollow Glass Blunt?