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Quick Links:

  • Parts (spares/replacements)
  • Size Detail (4 sizes, more detail on each here)
  • How does it work?  (Anatomy of a glass blunt)
  • Shopping for high quality – American made wholesale glass blunts? Check out the selections in the “Wholesale” tab at the upper right of this page.
  • RETURN POLICY <— Clickable link – Also detailed below

When will my glass blunt ship?

Please review prior to check out.  NOTE** ANY ORDER may take up to 3 weeks to be created by Lotte`, inspected, packaged and delivered.

Due to LIVE Glass blowing demos, vending and local events, orders are currently shipping within 8-10 business days regardless of the details stated in individual listings. 

**—->>> PLEASE ALLOW UP to 2 weeks for the delivery of ANY ORDER

 Little Lotte` Sign up for automatic tracking updates at USPS.com by entering the tracking number provided via order completion e-mail.

  • Check spam folders for missing e-mails

I’m buying this as a gift. How will my order be packaged?

  • Cotton muslin drawstring gift pouch sample photos (1)

    Cotton pouch is optional for classic’s, Shorty-D’s and Mini’s. See individual listings for details

    • This topic is getting a brand new page with photos and more detail very soon!
      • I use a combination of new and up-cycled packaging. Each piece or set is handcrafted and properly annealed. Upon completion I inspect, clean and beautifully package each in crystal clear food-grade cellophane retail packaging. Many of my cards and inserts are printed right here (by yours truly) and hand-cut. I try to toss in any freebies, coupons or stickers I may have. Please expect up-cycled cardboard added for  rigid stability and protection. Each is protected with a wrap of tissue paper and shipped (first class) in a plain brown or manila bubble padded envelope for even more protection. Priority packages will ship in priority mail packaging.

        Happy Glass wrapped in tissue

        Each piece or set, neatly protected with tissue paper

      • I have found this way of packaging superior in providing HUGE savings over ultra convenient, expensive and mostly plastic based packaging. My affordable prices for these quality, artisan crafted, american made glass blunts are a direct result of the savings reflected by many of my zero waste practices.
      • I use minimal packaging – Beautifully!  Again, please expect a combination of new and up-cycled packaging used in a professional way. These orders are intended to be “Ready to Gift” anytime!

        Bubble padded envelopes or priority packaging based on your shipping preference.

        Bubble padded envelopes or priority packaging based on your shipping preference.

How do I track my order?

  • You should receive an automated email from orders@buyglassblunts.com at the time that I print your shipping label. (This is always done prior to your order shipping, especially with made to order pieces. This notification does not always mean your order has shipped yet)
  • If you do not get an e-mail with tracking.
    • Oops, occasionally some e-mail providers will categorize unknown addresses as spam for you. Please check spam folders or add orders@buyglassblunts.com to your address book to avoid this situation.
    • Register “My Account” using the e-mail address from your order to access notes and tracking.
    • or…. Just ask the artist! Email orders@buyglassblunts.com and I will do my best to get you any info you need as soon as possible. Generally within 24-48 hours.

How long will it take to receive my order?

  • This will depend on a couple of factors. More details coming – again, click HERE for more immediate answers while I update details on this page – Thank You.
    • Made to order items:
    • December orders:
    • Ready to ship orders:
    • Partial (in stock and made to order):
    • Priority
    • First Class
    • International
    • Business Days and post office hours/holidays observed

Do you accept returns?

ATTN: ONLY INSURED Priority Mail shipments are protected against loss or damage claims. NOT responsible for uninsured, missing or damaged shipments. Refunds or replacements cannot be made without the purchase of Priority Mail shipping on checkout. USPS First Class mail does NOT include insurance or any protection against loss or damage. All packages will be shipped USPS First Class unless insured Priority mail is selected. Free shipping codes are NOT valid when selecting Priority mail.


    • Returns are not accepted, exchanges may be made in the necessary situations.

    • Due to the nature of my craft, several factors such as measurements and intensity of detail like silver fume can vary greatly from one piece to another.
      • Returns are not accepted on any items due to naturally occurring variations in artisan – handmade work.
    • Photos are stock unless noted to be the exact item.
    • Absolutely NO returns on custom orders such as “Your Name Here”.
      • The ONLY exception would be a replacement if I were to misspell the customization (which has NEVER happened, thankfully!…) It is based on notes that customers enter in brackets in the order and then followed exactly. Should a mistake ever occur I will gladly remake your piece immediately upon confirming order notes. Please note: Every piece created is photographed prior to leaving the studio.
    • Any used items are PROHIBITED from being returned – PERIOD. They simply cannot ship – Please, for somewhat obvious reasons – do NOT even ask me.
  • My order just arrived and something is broken.

    • You MUST contact me withing 4 days of the tracked arrival date upon receiving any defective item. If a defect is suspected please contact me first. I inspect every item personally and it may be another issue such as a “stuck stem”, there are tips for that – here.
    • Please keep in mind, although this is very durable, properly annealed, borosilicate glass – it is still in the nature of glass to break from time to time. MANY factors can play a roll in this. Then we have the occasional handling or carelessness of the mailing system. Should you receive an item that is cracked or broken please contact me at orders@buyglassblunts.com to discuss your specific situation. I will resolve the issue immediately as necessary.

Can you throw in some stickers or free stuff?

  • I do occasionally have lighter stickers – that I also 100% make myself starting from the very art itself – they are my original fine line ink and other 2D works. When available, I will always throw them in when requested in order notes. Please note: They may NOT always be made up and available so requesting stickers may not necessarily mean that you will get them. Any other free offers will either be automatically included in all orders or will be announced via “Recent Posts“.
  • How do I clean my glass blunt?

    • Pull the mouthpiece out of the glass body leaving the heat shrink in tact – do not try to remove it, if you do you may need this kit!
    • Soak both parts in a solution of alcohol and salt. The salt acts as the little “scrubbers” – like sand polishing rocks and the alcohol dissolves the grime flawlessly!
      • Tips: Do this in doubled up zip baggies(in case of leaking) or a glass jar with lid (and shake it). Don’t worry, the glass can handle it… but do keep in mind, it is glass so use caution either way!
      • Good ol’ fashioned pipe cleaners work wonders once everything is loosened up!
      • Heat helps – Run your jar or baggie under HOT water while you agitate.
      • Once your grime is off and parts are sparkling clean and dry – simply re-assemble.
      • If your heat wrap feels loose at this point it is easily tightened with a little heat. More info HERE.
  • My mouthpiece is really hard to move.

    • One word – Lubrication!
      • Use any type of food grade oil such as coconut oil. The tiniest dab directly near the heat shrink wrap will do the trick – just work it under a little bit and things should loosen right up!
  • I’ve had my glass blunt over a year and my heat shrink is feeling loose/mouthpiece slides out now.

  • What’s with the “Tippy Toes”?

    • The Symbolism of My Logo and Signature FootprintA seeker’s thought… <—Learn more!

      Signature Galaxy Stash

      Signature Galaxy Stash

  • What else do you make?

    • Here is a link to ALL of my online shops. Please feel free to peruse the selections including Etsy and Ebay. Glass blunts are just a little of what I do best!
  • Where in the world is Happy Hollow Glass?

    • Happy Hollow’s home base is Austin, Texas although I could be traveling and ship from anywhere at an time! I like to keep it interesting. I am currently operating and shipping from “Happy Hollow – North” in Minnesota until further announcement.

If you currently have a question or need to contact the studio for any reason the FASTEST way to get a reply is by e-mail: Orders@BuyGlassBlunts.com. – Thank you