Glass Blunt Cases and Accessories, Functional Faves and DIY – Zero Waste Ideas

I often receive requests to make special cases and accessories for glass blunts. My passion however, is art glass and Zero Waste Awareness.

An overabundance of products currently on the market make fantastic Happy Hollow Glass homes so instead of creating yet another product, I’ve decided to share some DIY tips and favorites that I’ve found.

As a Zero Waste Functional Fine Artist, I always encourage the re-use of items you already own. Many containers can be modified into well organize travel boxes. (samples coming soon)

  • Metal Tins
  • Pencil Pouches
  • Small jars
  • Wooden boxes
  • Endless options – Get Creative!

As a molten glass artist in Austin, TX., I have enjoyed the company of fellow artists and familiar faces of the industry at several well recognized events such as CHAMPS trade show and Glass Games in Las Vegas, HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup in LosAngeles (product package – CUSTOM ART – introduced at the 2011 Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam!), and TEXAS very own COWBOY cup (also a HIGH TIMES hosted event) where I actually got to be a judge right alongside Senior editor Mr. Bobby Black!

All of THAT said….         I KNOW  there are some really awesome preexisting products that I TOO – just CAN’T live without!

Some of my favorite functional finds and WHY they earn a place in this Happy Hollow Heart include:

  1. Smell Safe RYOT Krypto KitSmell Safe RYOT Krypto Kit

    Featuring activated carbon absorption technology. Enhanced zipper closure provides durable moisture protection. Microscopic charcoal particles are fused together to create a thin membranous odor protective barrier, blocking unwanted aromas from escaping.

    Measuring approx: 4.75”x 2.75” this is perfect for Classic and Mini glass blunts!

  2. Multi Pocket Zip Line PouchDIME BAGS – POUCHES (high quality velour interiors – No fuzz to tickle your nose)

“You have to understand that hemp is a strong fiber but is loosely woven, not allowing it to last as long as it should. We came up with the idea to blend hemp and polyester together to create what we call HEMPSTER! This gives the bags better color, the ability to be washed, and durability.”



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