My Stem is Stuck Chuck

Nope – That baby is NOT moving

Oh Dear –  So you’re all excited to get your NEW piece and… Your stem will not budge.

If your stem has arrived stuck in place by the heat wrap during shipping, if you have re- tightened it, or if you have just customized your piece with a NEW Parts Kit and it is now stuck.

Make sure to wait until it is completely cool if you have applied heat. MOST often once cooled – it is not actually stuck.

When replacing or re-tightening a heat wrap – you may find it helpful to apply a very thin “residue”  of food grade oil (edible) to the glass mouthpiece to prevent sticking in the first place.  I prefer coconut oil but as long as it isn’t motor oil… You’re good!

To loosen things up:

  • Find a toothpick or other very small – thin – smooth object.
  • December 2013 update: I have since found that a needle actually works best – especially on clear heat wrap that really likes to stick when applied.
  • Use of a needle or pin coated in oil saves the clear wrap from ugly scratches. Other colors will not show scratches.  If you do not have a needle handy – just find your next closest option.
  • next…  gently pry the oil coated poker of choice between the edge of your heat wrap and mouthpiece where it is stuck – about an 1/8″ or so is all you need.
  • Keep the needle as close to the glass as possible to ensure you do not poke a hole in the heat wrap.
  • You’ll usually find that it only takes about 1/2 rotation to free the stuck heat wrap. Once the edge is loosened you can push the needle further down if necessary – along with rotating the piece – You’ll free it in no time.
  • Deluxe pieces tend to be more likely to stick as they have a slightly larger surface area in contact with the glass.
  • Most people NEVER have to do this regardless of the blunt size chosen.

Please remember – This is not unusual. Happy Hollow Glass is HOT glass made in a hot studio in the great HOT state of Texas.

This loosening procedure is performed on any blunt that is stuck prior to leaving Happy Hollow Glass.
These are simple DIY tips and suggestions – the way the artist actually performs them.
Please use caution and attempt at your own risk. – because although it’s very simple – I’m sure somewhere “they” make me say that! 🙂
**Occasional lubrication with your choice of oil will help reduce friction between the glass and heat wrap.


Easy to clean mouth piece with built in screen/restriction

Easy to clean mouth piece with built in screen/restriction

“DIY” Parts Kits now available for blunt bodies that may be in need of nothing more than a new mouth piece.

Customers have requested additional mouth pieces to allow for continued use in case of emergency or to avoid waiting while one may need cleaning.

Only replace heat wrap when worn or leaking air – it does not need to be replaced every-time you change stems. A low flame lighter on loose heat wrap will help re-shrink it slightly. When you can no longer “snug” it up this way…. it may be time to replace. :)

 “These pieces are completely straight and couldn’t be easier to clean!”

 FYI….   good ‘ol fashioned pipe cleaners work wonders!

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