Art Glass Spear – Blade – Knife – Fine Silver (.999) Fume – Dabber – Large Marble Carb Cap – Purple, White, Aqua – 7 1/4″


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Signature Fine Silver Design:
The blade detail is achieved using a process called “fuming”. For this piece in particular it is best viewed in front of a dark background, with proper display lighting such as LED displays or in natural sunlight.

Actual fumes of pure silver are applied and stick into the hot molten glass.
Essentially by controlling my torch and fuel ratios I can then “grow” crystals on the surface. These tiny crystals and minerals formed are what create the color change effects which can leave a metallic finish or be mixed into the glass.

Various glass overlays capture and encase the silver fumes allowing me to drag them through creating swirls and spiral effects. Many resemble an everlasting galaxy or universe design, waves and other organic flowing effects that will vary in color.

Any color of the rainbow will be reflected and can be achieved with silver. Fuming is permanent in your piece and will vary with every single item depending on techniques, temperatures used etc.

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Art Glass Spear – Blade – Knife – Fine Silver (.999) Fume – Display Sculpture – Dabber – Large Marble Cap – Purple, White, Aqua – 7 1/4″

Glass Spears, Blades and knifes are the most recent addition to the Happy Hollow Glass Collection.

Inspired by my new ventures into the world of flintknapping; creating authentic arrowheads!

VIDEOS and CLIPS are posted on my youtube channel (Happy Hollow Glass) to help show additional detail as glass is so much more beautiful in person and sunlight.
Multi-Use Glass Tool
Glass Wand – Poker – Dauber – Flat Back Marble Cap Top – Multi Use Swizzle – Terrarium tools – Barware – Essential Oils –

  • DETAILS for THIS item:Clear blade with fine (.999 pure) silver fume.
    MUST SEE in the SUNLIGHT!Lavender, Jade white, cobalt, lake green and clear are used to form a lathe style handle for this piece.
    Finished off with a large marble cap endTotal LENGTH: approx 7 1/4″

    BLADE: approx 1/4″ thick and 3 3/4″ long + handle
    Approx 7/8″ at widest part on blade
    Marble top/cap approx 5/8″+ fits most domes

    Properly annealed borosilicate by Little Lotte` – Happy Hollow Glass

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    Photos are actual item

As a handcrafted quality – measurements may vary slightly – every piece is a unique one of a kind.

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