Black (TINY) Mini Glass Blunt – Galaxy Mini Marble Detail – Metalic Finish/Tip – Happy Accidents


This is what I call a “Happy Accident” This TINY mini blunt is extra small but just as functional as all regular minis!

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You will get 1 Galaxy Marble TINY mini glass blunt

Black Galaxy mini marble and blue caramel frit detail giving the metallic finish.

Black hear wrap as shown

  •  Minis are generally 2″ with a 3″ mouthpiece
  • THIS piece has an TINY 1.5″ body and 2.5″ mouthpiece!
  • It is just as functional as any other piece here

blue caramel Frit (5)Reduction frit is frit that gets metallic effects when placed in a reducing (more gas that o2) flame. It is blue in raw form.

How it works: ” Anatomy of a Glass Blunt” an original sketch by Lotte’ showing function and tips!


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