CREATE a COLOR CHANGE – Spiral MINI Glass Blunt – Fine Silver Fume Option –


Build your very own mini glass blunt with the best selling Spiral Corkscrew decoration.
Add Fine silver fume to make your piece a color changer! (NOTE: Color change effect works only on transparent glass. Opaques, Black and very dark glass will simply reflect the metallics from the silver.)
Customized pieces are made to order. 


Spiral MINI Glass Blunt  with Fine Silver Fume Option

Gifting Happy Hollow Glass (2)

Gift pouches are available here (click the photo).

NOTE:  Silver fume option will give the glass a yellow hue until used – at which point it will start to change colors. The best options of these are transparent colors. Black and opaque colors will have a metallic finish surface with the silver but will not appear to change colors.

  • Choice body color
  • Choice heat wrap

How it works: ” Anatomy of a Glass Blunt” an original sketch by Lotte’ showing function and tips!

Borosilicate glass is specifically designed to withstand thermal shock.
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Additional information

Body Color

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Heat Wrap Color

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add .999 Pure Silver Fume


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