Glass Blunt Set – Fumed Color Change – CLEAR Hobnail Classic and Clear Magnifying Classic – Special Price

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Artist Special ~ Multi piece purchase, special price.

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Borosilicate glass blunts with signature no roll dots. My signature tippie toes keep your heat wrap firmly in place and prevent your glass from rolling off of most surfaces!

All glass blunts are created from heavy walled, 2mm thick, borosilicate glass.

These are premium quality, handcrafted glass blunts. Properly kiln annealed for maximum strength and durability. Additional mouthpieces and heat wrap color options are available!


Wholesale glass blunts (18)

To reduce packaging waste this set will arrive in a single 2pc. package similar to that shown. (Not individually packaged)

This is a 2pc Glass blunt set.

    • ONE (1) .999 pure silver fumed classic hobnail in clear (Will change color with use)
    • ONE (1) Clear classic with magnifying marble dot detail
    • both have black heat shrink wraps

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