Glass Dabber Bullet – 30-06 Ammo – Spiral Encased in Clear – Repurposed Shell Casing


One of a kind handcrafted Minnesota ammo art.

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Each piece is created using an up-cycled brass shell casing fitted with borosilicate glass that runs the entire length of each ammo cartridge for a realistic weight.

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American Glass Glass Bullets (3)

Handcrafted glass bullets in a variety of up-cycled, single fired, real ammo cartridges.

—The glass bullet in this piece is designed from a clear base with black and neutral tone glass colors spiraling through. It is then shaped into the bullet & set in a 30-06 cartridge.
—This is a freestanding piece
Ready to ship

These artisan glass pieces are individually crafted with a zero waste philosophy in mind by Little Lotte`, sole artist and owner of Happy Hollow Glass North & South, Austin, Texas and NOW in Northern Minnesota!




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