Pink Mini Glass Blunt with Latticino – Surreal Deco and Spare Mouthpiece


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You get:(1) PINK Mini Glass Blunt with various lime white and blue latticino detail PLUS one spare mouthpiece so you never have to wait while cleaning!

  • Pink Body
  • Black  heat wrap
  • Approx. 2 ” body –2.75″ – 3″ stem & total {closed} length
    • Handmade lengths will vary slightly

**Customized pieces are also available


How it works: ” Anatomy of a Glass Blunt” an original sketch by Lotte’ showing function and tips!

Borosilicate glass is specifically designed to withstand thermal shock.
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What is Latticino?

Italian decorative glassblowing technique. Latticino refers to any glass piece created using colored glass canes. Also known as:
Twisty cane, (a cane formed out of different colored glass twisted together).
Zanfirico, Italian decorative glassblowing technique involving intricate patterns of colored glass canes arranged and twisted to comprise a pattern within a new single glass cane. These new patterned canes are then used to create a glass work.


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