Silver Fumed Color Changer – Deluxe Glass Blunt – Amber – Stipple Series – Made to order


This piece is MADE TO ORDER item

Please expect slight variations from photos

This piece includes fuming – a process where (.999 pure) fine silver is held into a high oxidizing flame to release “fumes”. These fumes are captured by molten glass using different techniques to create awesome color change effects.

happy-hollow-.999 pure silver gramSilver gives a yellow hue to most transparent glass and changes color with use. Dark glass will reflect the silver as colors – Some will intensify – others/opaque colors such as black – will not appear to change as they are already very dark. the silver creates a sort of “oil in water” look on these pieces.


Silver Fumed Color Changer – Deluxe Glass Blunt

You get: One complete – Deluxe size glass blunt

All blunts are created from heavy wall borosilicate tube and properly annealed for maximum durability!

Surreal Series – Fumed Color Changer . These are truly one of a kind pieces with a detailed stipple dotted effect.

  •  3.5″ heavy walled body
  •  9.5mm heavy walled mouthpiece
  • approx 4.5″ total {closed} length
  • All deluxe blunts are created from heavy 2mm wall borosilicate glass. 16mm O.D.
    • 16mm pieces are currently available with black heat wraps only.
    • Spare part KIT available HERE (2 additional mouthpieces and a spare heat wrap)
    • Single spare part available HERE (one extra mouthpiece – handy as a backup when the first needs cleaning)

       All Happy Hollow Glass is individually handcrafted by Little Lotte`.



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