Wholesale Glass Blunts – GALAXY Design – Retail Packaged Kit with Part – 20 Pieces – Black and Cobalt Mix – Best Sellers


Full set including spare part - Each set and part is individually retail packaged. See sample photos

Full set including spare part – Each blunt in this set includes a spare part. You will receive 10 retail packaged sets. See sample photos

Wholesale Glass Blunts – GALAXY Design

#1 Best Seller

5 piece black and 5 piece cobalt mix

20 pieces total: You will receive 10 fulls sets. Each set includes an extra spare mouthpiece.

Each retail packaged set includes one spare part.

Signature No Roll stoppers are designed right into each piece!

They also hold the heat wrap in place – this is an improvement over competitors pieces which slide right off.


Wholesale Glass Blunts – GALAXY Design

Fine silver fume creates a multicolored, metallic, mirror like finish.New Galaxy Glass Design_glass blunt (10)

  • Available in cobalt blue and black base bodies.
  • Each piece has a 3” body & 4″ mouthpiece.
    • Handmade lengths will vary slightly
  • All wholesale glass blunts in this galaxy design have black heat shrink wraps.
  • All wholesale glass blunts are crafted from heavy walled, 2mm thick borosilicate tube, as opposed to the 1mm or 1.5mm walls found in competitors pieces.
  • Please allow 7 – 14 days for delivery of your wholesale order.
  • Generally, ships within 5 business days depending on the size of your order and torch schedule.
  • This GALAXY design wholesale glass blunt is my #1 selling piece in my shop as well as local smoke shops and head shops carrying my products.

This piece includes fuming – a process where .999 pure, fine silver is held into a high oxidizing flame to release “fumes”. These fumes are captured by molten glass using different techniques that create awesome color change effects.

happy-hollow-.999 pure silver gramSilver gives a yellow hue to most transparent glass and causes color change with use. Dark glass will reflect the silver as colors – Some will intensify – others/opaque colors such as black – will not appear to change as they are already very dark. Silver creates a sort of “oil in water” look on these pieces.

Wholesale glass blunts are each properly kiln annealed for maximum strength and durability!

Wholesale glass blunt ORDERS MUST select Priority Shipping. Standard USPS First Class mail does NOT include insurance or any protection against loss or damage..



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