Wholesale Glass Blunts – DELUXE Size – Various Color – Basic Sleek Bodies


Wholesale lots are made to order and include a variety of colors.

Signature No Roll stoppers are designed right into each piece!

They also hold the heat wrap in place – this is an improvement over competitors pieces which slide right off.

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Wholesale Glass Blunts – Select quantities

DELUXE SIZE (3.5″ blunt body, 4.5″ mouthpiece, 16mm wide diameter, 2mm heavy walled borosilicate tube.)

Various Color – Basic Sleek Bodies – no additional deco

Also available in DECO pieces with tip detail HERE

Please allow 7 – 14 days for the delivery of your wholesale order. Generally ships within 5 business days depending on the size or your order and artist schedule. Happy Hollow Glass blunts are crafted from heavy 2mm wall standard as opposed to the 1mm or 1.5mm found in competitors mass produced pieces. They come in a variety of color tubes with 9.5mm – heavy wall mouthpiece. This is a 10 pc. package at wholesale price. All blunts include my signature NO roll Base. ALL Happy Hollow Glass is created by local artisan – Little Lotte` – Thank you in advance for your patience on larger orders – ONE ARTIST – ONE LIFE! 😉

Looking for more info on BLUNT SIZES?

Wholesale blunts are NOT individually packaged as the single purchased pieces are. You will receive combined packages as shown.

Contact Lotte` for any additional questions:

Print this card!

Print this card!

#HappyHollowHello from Willie Nelson's Cut n Putt - TX Norml annual Puff n Putt - 2015

#HappyHollowHello from Willie Nelson’s Cut n Putt – TX Norml annual Puff n Putt – 2015

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