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Happy Hollow_Media512

Gypsy Lounge – Austin, Texas Photo credit: Media512 – Kannan Lear – 2015

Did you know that all Happy Hollow Glass is currently available – only online?!  There are 3 sites dedicated solely to my work as well as a few 3rd party sites such as Etsy and Ebay! 

Yes, there was a time (not long ago…) that I could meet you downtown Austin, Texas with my work. I’ve attended countless markets and events in the area and shared Happy Hollow Glass all over the state.

Of course the internet is a wonderful tool that allows me to share my work all over the WORLD! I have shipped Happy Hollow Glass across the country and the world. #happyglassfans across the globe ~ Thank You all!

You can shop for your own glass work by Little Lotte` using the above links in this post to access the sites you wish! Everything’s different and there’s always new inventory – of course I recommend checking out all of them!

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