Happy Feet

– A seeker’s Thought…

“The Footprint reminds us that these Master Teachers once resided
in our earthly domain and shared Divine Wisdom with us. And

although these Master Teachers are gone their Teachings, Their
Footprint, remains with us.”[hr]


Mammoth site photo -Hot Springs South Dakota

Mammoth site -Hot Springs South Dakota

I’ll save you the lengthy story on the birth of  “Happy Feet” ;the Studio logo.

That’s another day… [soon to come]

 This particular post is to share just how Happy Feet have worked their way right on to your glass blunt; and WHY?! :-D[divider]

2011 – The year I created the 1st Happy Hollow Glass Blunt


When you make it….you should figure out how to make the wrap stay on – I used to have one and it would slide off sometimes…

Me: Can I see it for a sample?

“It broke… rolled off the counter.”   🙁


The feet… THIS PAGE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS – The rest of the story is soon to come!


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