Epic Cobalt Latticino – 24″ Cane Pull – Promised Glass Blowing Videos – 1st Cut

[divider_flat] EPIC 24″ Latticino cane pull. Encased Alchemy Sno white on 18mm borosilicate cobalt rod. This is a very cut (originally) 19 minute video – If you’re looking for tips, I plan to section specific parts out. You can help by letting me know what you’re interested in seeing from Happy Hollow Glass.

Please remember…..

1. There is NOT a right way to create ART – this is simply to share how I work.

2. Every artist will have their own unique techniques! I hope to provide some tips for others interested in this amazing craft as well as fascinate those that simply wish to watch in wonderment!…. Don’t worry, I still do it too!

.. If that’s you.. the real action begins about the 1:30 mark! … SEE me CHEESIN’ about it just past the 3:00 mark! Pull is done after the thumbs up! YES… It’s real time for the whole 2 minute pull!

The ending of the video is just smoothing out the lumps and bumps! 😛 – Again — for those learning, practicing, interested?… ask and you shall receive! Note: watch the wrists, fingers and angles of the rod…
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