Hobnail – Silver Fume – Color Changer – Shorty D-Mini Glass Blunt


Check out the NEW kids on the block!

Shorty Deluxe Mini’s

I been getting a lot of requests for this size with the length of the Mini’s and the diameter of the DELUXE pieces. So here y’all go!



They’re back!  Happy Hollow Glass ORIGINAL size glass blunts! The first pieces made years ago were this size.

This piece includes it’s own little cotton muslin herb pouch for storage!


  1. a short heavy-headed nail used to reinforce the soles of boots.
    • a blunt projection, especially in cut or molded glassware.
    • glass decorated with blunt projections.

All deluxe blunts are created from heavy 2mm wall borosilicate glass. 16mm O.D.

  • DELUXE Mini bodies are approx 2″ in length, the mouthpiece is approx. 3″
  • 16mm pieces are currently available with black heat wraps only.

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Spare Part



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