Spare Mouthpiece – Glass Blunt Parts Kit for Mini, Classic, Shorty-D, Deluxe and XL-D, 12mm – 16 mm


Turn your Plain Worn Blunts into Like New Beauties with these Spare Mouthpiece – Glass Blunt Parts Kit sets.


Spare Mouthpiece – Glass Blunt Parts Kit

Includes: 2 replacement stems and one black heat shrink wrap replacement.

Photos are samples –

Each Part has the flat style mouthpiece and they are all created by hand with double pinch restrictions to keep the ashes at bay!

  • Mini – (approx 3″  long for your 2″ mini blunt with standard 12mm body)
  • Shorty D-Mini (approx 3″ for your 2″ shorty D-mini blunt with wide 16mm body)
  • Classic  (approx 4″ for your 3″ classic blunt with standard 12mm body)
  • Deluxe (approx 4.5″ for your 3.5″ deluxe blunt with wide 16mm body)
  • XL-Deluxe (approx 5″ for your 4″ XL-D blunt with wide 16mm body) XL-D’s have been discontinued, however, you can still order spare parts for your XL-D.

Need help with you new parts kit?

note: Only replace heat wrap when worn or leaking air – it does not need to be replaced every-time you change stems. A low flame lighter or hair dryer used on loose heat wrap will help re-shrink it slightly. When you can no longer “snug” it up this way…. it may be time to replace. 

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Fits - (mm)

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