Single Glass Blunt – Spare Mouthpiece – Replacement Part


Full Parts Kits are HERE  (includes new heat shrink wrap options)

Full Parts Kits are HERE  (includes new heat shrink wrap options)

Customers have requested additional mouth pieces to allow for continued use in case of emergency or to avoid waiting while one may need cleaning.


Single Glass Blunt – Spare Mouthpiece

Photos are samples –

Each Part has the flat style mouthpiece and they are all created by hand with double pinch restrictions to keep the ashes at bay!

Includes: 1 replacement mouthpiece

  • Mini – (approx 3″  long for your 2″ mini blunt with standard 12mm body)
  • Shorty D-Mini (approx 3″ for your 2″ shorty D-mini blunt with wide 16mm body)
  • Classic  (approx 4″ for your 3″ classic blunt with standard 12mm body)
  • Deluxe (approx 4.5″ for your 3.5″ deluxe blunt with wide 16mm body)
  • XL-Deluxe (approx 5″ for your 4″ XL-D blunt with wide 16mm body) XL-D’s have been discontinued, however, you can still order spare parts for your XL-D.

note: Only replace heat wrap when worn or leaking air – it does not need to be replaced every-time you change stems. A low flame lighter or hair dryer used on loose heat wrap will help re-shrink it slightly. When you can no longer “snug” it up this way…. it may be time to replace. 

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Fit (mm)

Mini, Classic, Shorty D-Mini, Deluxe, XL Deluxe



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