Easter 2014 – Some Color Eggs… The Countdown to 4/20 and Beyond

HAPPY EASTER 2014 Y’all – ATX to Y -O-U.

Well we’re down to the wire and I just want to let all  Happy Glass Fans know that I am in the process of listing NEW – READY to Ship pieces in hopes to reach you in time.

To ensure timely delivery – shop from the READY to Ship category.

Made to order items are CURRENTLY SHIPPING in 36-48 hours.

**Please read the ORDER & SHIPPING Process prior to checkout.

I work very hard to include all information needed to avoid delay and confusion. The fastest way to get a reply to any remaining questions is to e-mail me directly with complete detail.

That's Functional Fine Art!

Rethink Your Resources!

Happy Hollow Glass is very much ALIVE here in Austin, Texas.

I specialize in Functional Fine Art – Focused on Zero Waste.


 Visit Happy Hollow Glass

One Artist, One Life!”

More pieces coming TONIGHT – HOT from the kiln!

NOTICE: April 26th, 2014. Eeyore’s Birthday is coming –

Hear no evil Lotte' Norml STOMP TINY

Join us for the 51st annual celebration!! More info on Happy Hollow Glass participation will be added to this post soon.


If you joined us at the statue last year you may have gotten some lovely glass goodies from me. 🙂 I hope to see you there!

Little Lotte`

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