Local Artisan Glass Blunts – Austin, Texas – Signature Features – The BEST Glass Blunt for Your Buck!

The BEST Glass Blunt for Your Buck!

Tired of taking the entire pouch with you?

Happy Hollow Glass Blunts - Austin, Texas (8)Finding yourself constantly out of rolling papers?

Glass blunts are a FAST, SIMPLE, PAPER-FREE  solution for Roll Your Own Tobacco.

There are many version of this particular pipe on the market today so I wanted to share a few additions (improvements!) that I’ve made to create the most functional glass blunt around.

I’ve added glass “tippy toes” that perform two functions. Tippy toes are the 5 little glass nubs built into the glass body – under the heat wrap.

I also offer a few signature pieces with tippy toes on the body!

  1. They keep your glass where you put it by keeping it from rolling.
  2. They hold the heat shrink wrap in place. This is an areas I’ve noticed to be an issue with other brands which tend to pull right off. 

I’ve also added two pinch restrictions in the mouthpiece which help to keep ashes at bay!

Tippy Toes – explained~   …if you’re wondering, you may notice that the logo for my studio Happy Hollow Glass is a footprint with the silhouette of a face. This represents the zero waste philosophy and ecological footprint that we leave behind us here on this planet. You can read more about the symbolism in my logo here.



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